Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Books, books, books

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Education is freedom...

In addition to raising money to build a new school building at The Village of Life campus, we are collecting supplies for the kids/teachers who use this school. They can always use new resources! One of the bigger needs for the school and the children and staff are books. Curriculum that isn't outdated is a big need. Particularly curriculum and books about health and fitness. But all curricula would be appreciated. Math, science, art, literature, English, handwriting, music, geography. Also the kids really love books and are in need of story books and work books and just any learning material out there. They are hungry for knowledge.We need to feed that hunger! These are the kids who are going to transform their country. These are the kids who have a very good chance of putting child trafficking out of existence in Ghana and these are the kids we need to be investing fully in if our goal is to end human rights violations. So if you have children's books, chapter books, or curricula to donate, we would very much appreciate adding it to the pile we have started. I have a feeling I am going to be shipping several boxes of books and curricula ahead of us but if that is how it works out... FABULOUS!

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