Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Becoming an Abolitionist

Becoming an Abolitionist.

You ever think about slavery?
I mean, really think about it.
It makes some people.
And it breaks most everyone else.
It separates the haves from the
Have not a damn things

Trafficking is the euphemism for:
Owning other human beings
For Slavery
We color coat it and wrap it in pretty words
Why? To make us feel better?
To make us forget the faces and the scars

The scars. God, the scars.
On tiny faces and long lean bodies.
Covering them like freckles cover my face
The danger never fleeing.
But the mind sure is doing just that
Escaping the reality and pain

Pain that is visible to people
Who haven't themselves experienced the injustice
Who can't even imagine the agony.
We see it, we start to feel it
Swim in the emotions
And breathe in the injustice

And we are left changed
Left to see the pain in every purchase we make
To think about dead bodies under the cool water
We are left to cry on the boat
For the boy that can't come with us
No more euphemisms for us.

Just Slavery
Real. Raw. Injustice.
My life reviewed
Actions called out
And conviction came down.
Now to live as an abolitionist.

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