Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going to the doctor... not taken for granted

Over the weekend or past few days I got into something that has made my eyes swell to ridiculous proportions. I look really pathetic. I woke up yesterday morning and could barely pull my eyes open and it has really only gotten worse since then.
Under my left eye is fabulous looking

Oh yea, its pretty!

Not that that is the point of the story. Although I am sure someone may get a nice little chuckle out of my poor swollen eyelids :P

I called my doctor at 3:15 yesterday and got an appointment for TODAY at 1:15 to hopefully get a some steroids or something to make the inflammation and allergic reaction chill a bit. Less than 24 hrs later and I am able to drive to the doctor and get some help.

One the other side of the world, there are children working on Lake Volta with absolutely no access to medical care. They are sold into slavery by their parents (not a judgment because I don't understand that kind of poverty) and are stripped of all rights a human should have. They get sick, they either get better on their own or become permanently disabled in some manner or die. Those are the options. Kids with an immune system like mine would spend their childhood very sick or they would die. Isn't that like... life altering to think about? Malaria kills children, yellow fever kills children, various viruses and bacterias picked up from the water they work in kills children.

This is just one of the many many reasons that getting children out of this situation is extremely important. George and his organization PACODEP, along with Touch a Life, take these children from a situation where all their freedoms are stripped and put them into a home at The Village of Life. They give them a home, an education and MEDICAL care. When they go to The Village of Life, they can stop worrying about not having someone to take care of them when they are ill. Illness isn't as scary as it used to be.

And that is something that we take for granted. Every. Single. Day. I know I have done it and will do it again. But today, I notice what a blessing that having access to medical care is.

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