Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you.

I have been talking to my husband, Kyle, and friend, J.D., lately about how sometimes God's provision can look a lot like something you really don't want to do or go through.

That is what I was thinking 2 months ago when I was facing having my 2nd acl repair on my left knee. Why is this happening? Why am I being punished this way, I love sports and working out and being active... this is going to slow me down so much. I have TOO much going on right now and to add this is just too much on my plate. I was sad and angry and a little frustrated with the idea of surgery and rehab and restricted activities.

And now I kind of look back and laugh a little. I would have never had time to slow down and run this auction without being injured. I am not naturally a person who slows down. I am typically a person who, while pretty organized and planned, fails to give myself enough time to accomplish things. I bank on having enough time then end up being too busy and overwhelmed and put it off and then get really stressed out.

I also was given something, in Ghana and in fundraising, to keep me busy and motivated while rehabbing. Something to do and stay busy with when anxiety was high and I couldn't go for a run. Something to do when family troubles seemed to be mounting and I couldn't hit a fitness class or the gym.

I was forced to slow down by an injury. And it gave me the time and resources to focus on what God wants my heart to focus on. It has given me time to contact amazing people for the auction and have the most beautiful conversations with them. It has introduced me to so many new and talented friends. It has shown me that money isn't really what fundraising is about so much as creating a community with the same passion and goal. And it has shown me how many ways help can come from people.

So if you have helped at all with this auction, I thank you! Truly you have been part of my "healing" during my knee injury by helping me. You have been part of preparing my heart for this trip. You have been part of spreading the word about our trip and our passion for trafficked children with others. And more importantly God's passion for these children.And as we head toward the auction on Thursday, I want you all to know that I am grateful and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Thank you so much for your support and love. And thank you God for a big project to keep me focused and healthy through a difficult injury and surgery.

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You are so awesome. That is all.