Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Achieving Potential

One thing that slavery does a good job of is... taking away a persons potential. Especially if it robs them of their childhood! Being bound to someone and not allowed to explore your talents and skills is one of the awful consequences of trafficking. Being exposed to violence, extreme poverty, and cruel work environments is enough to break a persons spirit, no doubt about it. It is taking something away from a person that they should be allowed to experience. You are taking a way a person's potential by owning them and forcing them to work. 

I was thinking about this today when I saw a video of a 9 year old boy singing on a talent show. His name is Jotta A (Jotta Ah) and he is brilliant and beautiful and vibrant and using his voice to bring joy to people and glory to God. 
Oh my goodness, isn't he the most beautiful little boy? Love his curls :P This is a child being allowed to reach his potential! Whether he was singing in this competition or not, his love for music and performance is being encouraged and his skills bettered. 

How can children develop their passions being sold onto a lake and forced to work 16 hr days with little food and no childhood? Yep, I understand you will say to me but there are some who have. For everyone one you show me who has, I will show you 500 who haven't. Because study after study shows that people need to be loved and nurtured and taught compassion and respect to have those capacities as adults. They need to be exposed to various experiences to find their talents and potential. They need education. These are basic rights we are talking about being stripped from people. From peoples children, from communities future Potential leaders, teachers, and doctors. How can we, as a world society, continue to let this happen? If we want peace, if we want to end poverty and hunger, if we want people to have a legitimate chance in life... we have to fight trafficking. If we have compassion in our hearts and can even minimally identify God's love for humanity... we have to uncover trafficking for what it is: SLAVERY!

Please find a way to do your part in fighting modern day slavery. There area  million and 4 ways to get involved! The only wrong choice is to act like it doesn't happen since it doesn't affect you personally and daily. 

Please consider finding an organization that you believe in and supporting it any way that you can. Teach your children and loved ones about poverty, slavery and human suffering. Get them involved in projects with you. The world will become a better place because of it.

Because honestly a child should never look like this:
We all KNOW this and now we all need to act on it. The worlds children are our children and our future. 

If you can spare a few bucks, we are still collecting money for in country travel expenses for our trip to Ghana. Every little bit helps us to get to Ghana and help the children we meet.

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