Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One month countdown has begun!

One month from today I will be in planes and airports all day making my way across the world to Ghana. I will leave one son with my brother and the other at home with Daddy so he doesn't miss school. I will spend more time away from all of them than I ever have before. It will be hard to leave them but I will know that I have friendly faces meeting with me in DC and on the other in in Ghana.

We will get to visit some special children at a few of the Compassion International sites the first few days. Children that my friends sponsor and who are quite literally part of their families. 

It is a wonderful organization and I am looking forward to seeing the ins and outs of how it all works. I will definitely let you know what I learn and share the experiences with you!

Then we will make our way to Kete Krachi where we will meet George and his staff at The Village of Life.
From George Achibras facebook page

Where we will see with our own eyes what exactly child trafficking entails.
From TOL facebook page

And how The Village of Life in partnership with PACODEP and Touch a Life Foundation changes the lives of these children when they are rescued.
From TAL facebook page
I am preparing to help in any way possible but also preparing to be transformed by this experience.

Thank you so much for helping us get this far. We are almost $14000 into our fundraising for the school! (There was a $10,000 donation made to our interlink account that is not accounted for on the chip in tab). We still need your help though! Please make a donation to my travel fund or to the School fund. I still have lots of in country travel expenses to cover and vaccinations and malaria medications. So glad you guys are taking part in this journey with us!

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JD said...

Getting Holy Spirit goosebumps as I read through this... to be so close to something God planned SO long ago... in awe.

Eager to meet you and experience this together!