Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Excited, Broken Heart

Inspiration for writing has been swept under a sea of busy-ness this week. Hurriedly preparing for a trip of a lifetime and spending as much time with my family as humanly possible.

But last night I was laying in bed trying to put how I felt into words. And the only thing I could come up with was Excited, Broken Heart. Excited to meet the wonderful people of Ghana. Excited to help and encourage children. Excited to travel. Excited for new experiences. Excited to be doing something I am so passionate about. But oh so broken hearted:
So broken hearted to know that I will see faces like the ones above. Faces of beautiful children forced into a life of servitude. Stripped of a childhood. Joyless faces. Toil visible on  their little bodies. Pain and suffering. Faces pleading for help and home. Oh these are the faces that have been in my dreams for months and the compulsion and conviction to do what I am doing. These are God's favorites (How I love Katie and her heart). Yes, these are God's favorites. And when you look at it like that, I know that what I am doing is where I have been meant to be for a while.

So on Saturday I am going to head out excited, broken hearted. I am going to love new people and fight for the vulnerable. And excited, broken hearted is the perfect place to be.

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Anonymous said...

I know this feeling very well, that is how I felt before going to Haiti. You will see things that you wish you could forget but the heart that God will give you for his people is so amazing. The saying "break my heart for what breaks yours" is really the way I think about it. That broken heartedness is what propels us forward to bring change to people who are unable to do it for themselves. May God bless you on your journey! Happy travels.

Jamie Sorensen