Friday, November 4, 2011

Prayers and Itinerary

Our itinerary will be as follows:

Nov 5th - Departure
Nov 6th - Arrival in Ghana
Nov 7th - GH316 all day, with Ato Sam and Tahameena
Nov 8th - GH880 with George & George (the twins), and GH220 with Precious, on behalf of Michelle Wright & Friends from Blogging From The Boonies
Nov 9th - Travel to Lake Volta region, where we will be working with the children who have been rescued, going out on the lake to meet the children still enslaved, visiting villages on the islands to meet with the slave masters and see where the children are kept.
Nov 16th or 17th - Travel to greater Accra area where we will be working more rescued children.
Nov 20th (late evening) - Flight home.
Nov 21st - Arrive home (late evening)

I just thought I would let you guys have our itinerary so you know how to pray for us, where we are and roughly what we are up to. Please keep us in your prayers and good thoughts. We absolutely appreciate all of your support and prayers. One more sleep!


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