Sunday, November 27, 2011

It Shall Come to Pass, Amen.

One of my favorite things in Ghana is how Christians pray. I know, it is something we do too. But they do it so differently. They start out by pouring thanks out to God and praising Him. I mean pour out praise. Then they petition and when they petition they say it like it has already been promised. "The Lord shall give Mommy Deborah good health and her family good health". Then they say my new favorite phrase "It shall come to pass, Amen!"

I am in love with this because its so simple. No apologetics or hardcore and confusing theology. Just belief.

I do see some potential issues in that sort of thought process. But when God is all you have to cling to, you absolutely rely on His provision.

So my prayer for myself today is that I keep my Faith a bit simpler. That I trust God to answer prayers and that the words... "It shall come to pass, Amen" are the words I faithfully utter as I follow God.

It Shall Come To Pass, Amen!

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