Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Auction Preview... art style!

So... who loves art? I DO! Not sure what you all think but I love me some art. The traditional, the quirky, the colorful... I pretty much love most art. That is why I was SO excited when my high school english teacher told me she would donate a piece of art work. Mrs. Alsop (sorry... can't call her anything else, its just weird) is a very talented artist. And you know what is super cool about her, she picked up this pursuit after she retired from teaching. I find that so cool :) Anyway, my brother called me yesterday and said "Man, I thought you told me Mrs. Alsop (his high school english teacher too) was donating one painting... Steph said she dropped off 5 or 6!"  I almost squealed right then and there.

She told me I could do whatever I wanted with them so I am trying to figure out how to split up these beauties. I am thinking of putting MOST of them in the auction but am also considering doing a give away too. What do you think. Anyway... preview time:

Yellow Hibiscus, matted pastel

Rhododendron, matted pastel

Worship, framed acrylic (my personal fave... just sayin')

Pottery Display, matted pastel

Garden Door, framed acrylic

Gift of Love, 3 Magi, print

Blue Angel, framed acrylic (I also like this one a lot)

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