Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auction Preview: fluff style!

I know all my cloth diapering buddies know what this means... I got fluffy mail that needs to be shown to you! Special, soft, delicious fluff. You have to forgive my photos though. These are poor quality, I know. I will have better pictures for the actual auction, promise. But I HAD to show you :)
Up first is a pair of longies with a matching hat. I will get the measurements but my guess is that the longies are probably 3 months-ish sized... Lora correct me on that if I am wrong!
 And next is a pair of toddler shorties.
Both of them to me look very gender neutral to me... I am known to put my kids in purple shoes and pink shirts though :) (both are boys).

These were donated by my friend Lora... her very talented Mama made them.

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