Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What can you give up?

I have an awesome best friend. Like seriously, she supports me when I feel like the world has forgotten me. She gives me ideas and motivation and love constantly. I am truly blessed to have a friend like Amanda :)

Why does she matter on a blog about fundraising for a trip to Ghana? Well other than being awesome she said something last night that has been making me think a lot today. She mentioned the idea of what people can give up to help build the school on The Village of Life campus. And I have been thinking a lot about it today... a lot.

We go through life buying things we don't really need. What if we stop doing that so much from now until November? How much do you think we could raise for this trip if we did that?

Cut out Starbucks... depending on what you get that could be $3+ a pop

Pack your lunch instead of eating out $5-10/day

Pull up a movie from netflix and make your husband a nice dinner. Put the kids to bed early and make that your date... $50 if you need a babysitter... easily

Meal plan and use coupons at the grocery and donate the savings,

Sodas, cigarettes, ice cream... maybe it is also time to break a bad habit to donate :)

Cancel cable?

I could keep going. My point is that we are very blessed. We have everything we need in the United States and lots that we don't need. Might you consider giving up some of the things you don't need in order to donate to a cause that will help rescue children from slavery?

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JD said...

This is the mindset that many sponsors have, I love this concept for the school too!

Much love :o)