Friday, May 20, 2011

T-shirt design contest

Who would be interested in a little... contest? I am wanting to have a t-shirt design contest for our trip so that we have t-shirts to sell. I was thinking you could have 2 weeks to design a shirt then we would have a week of voting. You could get all of your friends to vote for your design. Um and the winner would get... a free shirt and some other prize that I haven't though of yet. Oh and bragging rights... which if you are like me and are competitive all you need is bragging rights. Whatcha think?

Be creative! And have fun. Those are the rules. The theme is "ending child trafficking (in Ghana)" with an emphasis on how we can all have a role in it or make an impact.

If you are interested  please leave a comment so I know what kind of interest level I have. The more the merrier, like usual.  Also if you know friends who would like something like this, please let them know about this contest.

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