Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He can make anything new

I love music. Sometimes it says exactly what my heart is feeling but what my brain doesn't know how to form into it's own words. One song that has been speaking to my heart lately is called "Redeemer" by Sanctus Real.

One of the verses goes like this and then the chorus:
"Sometimes I just wish we could say
All the things that are easy to hear
Ignore the injustice we see
And explain every unanswered prayer
But I’d rather speak honestly
And wear a tattered heart on my sleeve
Cuz in the middle of my broken dreams
Redemption is here

And I’m still a dreamer
A believer
Oh, I lost my faith in so many things
But I still believe in You
Cuz You are the answer
The Redeemer
Oh, I’ve given up on too many things
But I’m not giving up on You

Cuz You can make anything new"

To me this is what our trip is about... God is the Reedemer and HE can make anything new. But sometimes we have to be part of that. Sometimes He asks us to humble our hearts and be a part of something we never expected to be part of. He whispers to us and says "you CAN'T ignore the injustices anymore. You need to wear the heart I have given you." So that is what I am going to do. I am going to take the Redeemer to the children of Ghana. Because he can make anything new. He IS changing this country every day. He is using George and his team and Touch of Life to change the hearts of people who had previously thought it was okay to own children. And he wants to use us to do this too. To help these kids escape injustice and find Redemption. I am proof that redemption is out there and these kids can be proof too. That is what it is all about. The song will follow because the whole song is absolutely powerful.

You are the answer, God. You can make anything new.

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